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Efficient use of urban data could make cities more livable in the near future – Urban data conference in London


© LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science

The “Moving Urban Data Markets Conference“ was recently held in London, jointly organized by LSE  Enterprise, the business, consulting and innovation arm of the London School of Economics and Political Science, the UK Department for International Trade, the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (Innoz), the British Embassy in Berlin and the Fraunhofer ...


Date announcement: Morgenstadt: City Insights Meeting in Eindhoven on March 28th/29th


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At the 28th and 29th of March 2018 the first Morgenstadt Network Meeting oft he year takes place in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The Fraunhofer researchers put together a diverse schedule to provide maximum benefits for all attendees. The Meeting will start in the evening of March 27th with an informal networking dinner ...


The future of municipality is digital


© Ludmilla Parsyak, Fraunhofer IAO

Two-day ideas workshop develops concepts and solutions for the digital future municipality. On the way to the digital future municipalities, cross-industry ideas and solutions are required. With the second edition of the Morgenstadt workshop, the Fraunhofer IAO and the Ministry of the Interior, Digitalisation and Migration Baden-Württemberg ...


»Morgenstadt International« in Vietnam – Fraunhofer presents research approach for Asian Smart Cities


Morgenstadt goes East! Nowhere else in the world the population is growing as rapidly as in Asia. This puts enormous pressure on the cities there, which are struggling with such annual population growth that is hard to imagine in Europe or North America. As a result, from the beginning of the 21st century, a large number of the big cities there are about to become megacities ...


Stuttgart IAT & Partners develop an efficient management model for climate change reaction in Halle (Saale) and Mannheim - climate-friendly urban development through SMARTilience


Just recently, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn ended. More than 25,000 representatives of nations, NGOs, science, media and companies participated in the event. Previously, Oxfam, an international network of aid and development agencies, has published a report, in which stated that the effects of global warming ...


Mobility City Lab produces 25 project ideas for transforming the mobility in Joinville


© Marcos Faust

The Morgenstadt Initiative in a strategic Cooperation with the GIZ Brazil are supporting the city of Joinville in the development of a Roadmap for sustainable urban Mobility. In the first phase of the analysis, the Morgenstadt methodology was adapted to the local context of Brazil: indicators and action fields were redefined. Additionally, strategic ...


Morgenstadt at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona


© Natalie Pfau-Weller/Fraunhofer IAO

This year the Morgenstadt Initiative was represented at the world leading Smart City Urban Fair on 14-16. November 2017 in Barcelona at the joint stand of Berlin-Brandenburg as well as withTriangulum and Bable in panels. The international fair and congress for the sustainable improvement of the life quality in cities attracts more than 17,000 ...


Morgenstadt at the INTERGEO in Berlin as a strategic partner of the Smart City Solutions - researchers present their works and introduce new network partner


© Sebastian Schulze / Fraunhofer IAO

Morgenstadt at the world's largest fair for Geoinformation INTERGEO in Berlin. Fraunhofer researchers present works on the use of urban data, autonomous driving and renewable energies. Real Estate Service Provider GEWOBA joins the Morgenstadt network. The specialized public fair, which takes place annually since 1995, is primarily intended ...


Morgenstadt at the Parking Day in Stuttgart – interactive research


© Sebastian Schulze / Fraunhofer IAO

Parking Day in Stuttgart, interested parties presented alternative area utilization models on specially rented parking lots. Researchers of the Fraunhofer IAO explained the effects of automated driving on the development of urban space. Interested citizens had numerous opportunities for interaction ...


New governance format for sustainable urban development – Local stakeholders benefit from digital technologies

21-August 2017

The city of Ludwigsburg is in the second phase of the ‘Zukunftsstadt Wettbewerb’ (City of the Future Competition) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The aim of the initiative is to promote sustainable urban development. In this context, the city of Ludwigsburg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) organize ...


How UrbanData becomes a fuel for sustainable urban development - a new research project of Fraunhofer IAO and London School of Economics LSE

16-August 2017

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"Data is the new fuel," said the former EU Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kunewa from Bulgaria in 2009. But in many municipalities the value of urban data is still underestimated. Yet the possibilities of using urban data are almost unlimited. Intelligent traffic guidance systems, for example, can use traffic data to control the traffic volume ...


Morgenstadt at INTERGEO in Berlin - The world's largest platform for geoinformation hosts Smart City Expo and Forum

11-August 2017

The Morgenstadt Initiative is a partner of the SMART CITY SOLUTIONS (SCS) on the world's largest platform for geoinformation INTERGEO in Berlin from 26 to 28 September 2017. Morgenstadt partners gain free entry to the fair on the both days. More than 17,000 visitors from over 100 countries will come from 26 to 28 September to Berlin to the INTERGEO, the world's leading ...


How cities can use available knowledge & existing technology to shape the mobility of tomorrow

13-May 2017

The European Smart Cities and Communities Project - Triangulum (SCC1) includes the three forerunner cities Eindhoven (NL), Manchester (UK) and Stavanger (NO) as well as the three follower cities Leipzig (DE), Sabadell (ES) and Prague (CZ). The projects consists of 22 partners, including companies and municipalities as well as research institutes such as the Institute of Human Factors and Technology ...


“Finance in the Smart City” Conference – Sustainable and profitable investment in the city of tomorrow


© Sebastian Schulze / Fraunhofer IAO

In collaboration with the British embassy of Germany, Fraunhofer Morgenstadt Initiative, and LSE Enterprise, Fraunhofer IAO has successfully hosted last week’s “Finance in the Smart City” Conference on the Fraunhofer campus in Stuttgart. As one of the first events focusing on this specific topic, the conference brought together German and British Smart City experts, representatives of municipalities, financial ...


Design the city of tomorrow together - cooperation of European smart city networks Morgenstadt & SmartImpact in Porto



Second network meeting of the year in Porto. Together with the European governance initiative SmartImpact and numerous partners, the Morgenstadt team of the Fraunhofer IAO gained insights into the Portuguese start-up scene, developed concepts for smart neighborhoods and worked on building an innovation park for the Argentine capital Buenos Aires ...


What is the future of autonomous driving?

Last month, the two German industry giants Daimler and Bosch announced that they would develop completely autonomous vehicles for urban transport by 2020 in a joint research project. Originally this was supposed to be implemented by 2030, but the technical progress and the economic prospects made it possible to bring autonomous vehicles into production faster than expected. Many people are not ...


The Indo-German Smart City Solutions Workshop - Global approach local solutions India


More than 50 decision makers from nearly 30 smart cities participated in the Smart city solutions workshop to draw out concrete ideas for improving infrastructure and services in India.Fraunhofer in association with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany,Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, and National Institute of Urban Affairs and organised a Indo-German Smart ...


Livable, sustainable, safe - How our cities are become smarter


© Fraunhofer IAO UNStudio ASPLAN

The city of tomorrow should be livable, safe and resistant, this is the goal of the competence team Urban Data & Resilience of the Fraunhofer IAO. This goal is to be achieved in cooperation with the private sector and municipalities, among other means through the intelligent use of data. The range of services covers different areas -  from the establishment of innovative participatory procedures that enable cities ...


Improved charging infrastructure for electric cars through SLAM


A few weeks ago was an anniversary of the very first drive of the world's first electric vehicle. On April 19, 1881, the Trouvé Tricycle, a tricycle powered by a 70 W electric motor, rode through Rue Valois through Paris. The inventor of the car, which was named after him, was the French engineer Gustave Trouvé. The vehicle drove the route several times "with the speed of a good horse-drawn carriage," as Alexis Clerc ...


Smart city seminars in 2017!


The Smart Society Academy is an educational umbrella for smart city related training on all levels of operation: students (future professionals) on one hand and professionals in both cities and industry on the other. The Smart Society Academy is a direct result from the work within the Dutch-German partnership triggered by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on April 7th on the Hightech Campus in Eindhoven and is powered ...


Municipalities must make digitisation a strategic task


A joint study by the BBSR, PwC and Fraunhofer IAO clearly shows: municipalities must make digitisation a strategic task to remain independent and empowered. They must address changes in the economy to be able to offer companies an attractive, networked environment. And they must have all population groups on board on the way to a Smart City – even those that are already unable to cope with today’s digital world. The results ...


How nature-based solutions help cities to reach their ecological objectives


Starting this april Tom Hawxwell will be responsible for the UNaLab project at Fraunhofer IAO. It is one of several projects funded by the European commission within the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Together with the Finnish research institute VTT Fraunhofer will develop nature-based solutions to enable cities to reach their environmental objectives, as well as companies to develop business models in this...


5 Questions on intelligent water management


"The water is a friendly element to whomever is familiar with it and knows how to treat it", said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Since no raw material for us humans is of such prominent significance as the water, the United Nations (UN) has launched the World Day of Water already 25 years ago to point out the importance but also the scarcity of the survival-important resource. Morgenstadt researchers at the Fraunhofer...


A productive dialogue and numerous exciting impressions for the project partners



The Morgenstadt network partners visited the Irish capital for a three day long meeting. The program included both best-practice tours as well as workshops and lectures on the subject of the city of the future...