Ongoing projects

The Morgenstadt Initiative is currently working on a large number of projects. For the 2020/2021 phase, a clear focus is being placed on solutions and processes that actively support the two most important goals - climate protection and climate adaptation of municipalities. In doing so, the Morgenstadt initiative focuses on concrete urban solutions that result from the interaction of technology, infrastructure and users. Further information on the planned projects can be found in the work program.



City Centre 2030+ | Future Public Space

“The future of public space has started long ago” as Steffen Braun, Head of Urban Systems Engineering Research Unit, says. “We therefore build, together with the initiative Stadtretter and other future oriented companies and cities, a powerful network in order to think ahead today to create and test solutions of tomorrow.



Morgenstadt Urban Data Community

Building on the Morgenstadt network, the "Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions (DKSR)" supports a lively exchange of knowledge and information for the joint further development of solutions and the exchange of data models and use cases. This happens with the support of the "Morgenstadt Urban Data Community". 


The value of urban data

About the value of urban data



The project SMARTilience sets itself the goal of designing a municipal control model for a climate-resilient urban development and using the two German cities of Halle and Mannheim in the application to transfer.


Straße der Zukunft

Purpose of the project »Straße der Zukunft« is to support communes in their foresighted and efficient process of planning and implementing resource-efficient model streets.


Urban Data Partnership

UDP is a framework for decision-making on data-related issues that affect issues of common good, urban value creation and civil society. At the heart of urban data governance is the question of what cities can do to manage data in the interests of their citizens without losing the value creation potential that lies in urban data.


Urban Nature Labs

The UNaLab project is contributing to the development of smarter, more inclusive, more resilient and more sustainable urban communities through the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS), which are co-created with and for local stakeholders and citizens. 


Positive - citizens as friends?

Cities and municipalities that interact with citizens via social media are examined. The focus is on the use of social media by the public administration for continuous dialogue, exchange and networking with the citizens and subsequently their effect on selective participation measures in the course of urban development projects and processes.


Global Smart City Initiative

The project "Morgenstadt Global Smart Cities - global approach, local solutions", funded by the Federal Minestry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Germany as part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), supports model cities in India, Mexico and Peru in the development and implementation of sustainable transformation processes.


City Labs

In city labs cities are being analyzed by interdisciplinary teams and an integrated roadmap for a sustainable urban development is being developed.


Innovation Partnerships

In a "Morgenstadt Innovation Partnership", experienced Morgenstadt experts accompany their partner cities or partner companies over several years. 



The ACCSESS project, »Providing access to cost-efficient, replicable, safe and flexible CCUS« focuses on raising awareness about climate change urgency and advocating science-based solutions like Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage. This technology holds promise in mitigating climate change effects and enhancing urban sustainability.

Projects in development

Together with its network partners, the Morgenstadt Initiative implements projects in various formats with the aim of piloting, testing and disseminating clean and networked urban solutions for the city of tomorrow. Below you will find an overview of current and past projects. If you have any questions about individual projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.




The POSITIV project investigates municipalities across Germany and their interaction and communication with the population via social media. The question arises how citizens are won as "friends" of the public administration and how social media is used for this purpose. The aim of the project is to identify the opportunities and potential of digital (social) forms of communication that can create a transparent and dialog-based relationship between the administration and the population.


Innovation Program Climate Neutral Cities (ICNC)

The speed of transformation to climate-neutral cities is still too slow. One reason for this is that climate-neutral solutions too often only cover the technical-infrastructural side, but do not consider the other dimensions of complex urban systems. Through an intensive exchange between practitioners from local authorities, a grid is to be developed with the help of which industry solutions can be analysed, structured and prepared in a "Climate Neutral City Solutions Manual" - specifically geared to the needs of local authorities.

This may be of interest for you

Since 2014, the "Morgenstadt Initiative" has generated around 100 million euros in public funding, which has been applied to national or European research projects in pilot cities to develop concrete solutions to problem areas faced by municipalities in their development into the city of tomorrow. We continue to support our partners in generating funding and conducting applied research to address urban challenges.


Smart City

How can a city meet the challenges of the 21st century and assure the best quality of life for its residents and simultaneously maintain sustainability and resource conservation?


Innovation partnerships

We offer our partners long-term support in building an innovation ecosystem.


Collaborative R&D