Digital Business & services innovation

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Digital business as an overarching field of innovation


In addition to the eight fields of innovation, which link to concrete urban sectors, there are three overlapping fields of innovation, which relate to all areas of urban life to some extent. One of them is "digital business & service innovation".


Locating markets through effective cooperation


In complex, closely interconnected markets, innovations can rarely be introduced and established by one company alone. This this is the reality today in most urban contexts. Thus, the development of business models around new products and services often requires close interaction and cooperation with other companies and key city actors. One example is the development of products and services in the area of electric mobility. Success of many innovations in this area is highly dependent on a range of actors alone for the rollout of a nationwide fast-charging infrastructure, for example.

Likewise, cities are often overwhelmed by the complex landscape of smart city products, services and technologies, often not finding suitable solutions to their specific problems.


New innovations and business models


New technologies provide businesses and cities with a variety of ways to rethink conventional business models and offer new product/service packages, bundled as holistic solutions. However, these approaches are still in their early stage and there is still lack of methods for effective estimation of potential, risks, share costs and benefits for actors involved. Furthermore, many of the benefits of such smart city transformations are often distributed and intangible, adding a whole new dimension in terms of costs and benefits sharing. The Innovation Network has defined development in this area as a priory within its current agenda.


How can the Morgenstadt Network help?


Within the framework of the Morgenstadt Innovation Network, we bring together various actors in new constellations to collectively develop new ideas in a goal-oriented and systematic way.


Members benefit in multiple ways


Our holistic perspective on current and future developments indicates where new markets are emerging. We identify potential through sound market analyses. Healthy synergies are created through combining the know-how of various actors with the technology and management competences of the network. Our structured approach simplifies cooperation, creates investment security and improves mutual trust. Ideas can be developed and pushed cooperatively, facilitating an accelerated and smooth market entry for products and services.

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