All members and strategic partners of the Morgenstadt network are invited to exchange ideas and gain insights into the latest developments in the field of sustainable urban development at the Morgenstadt network events. The networking events serve to communicate updates from the projects and innovation partnerships, prepare new projects and funding applications, connect Morgenstadt partners with each other, and learn about "best practices".

In addition, interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the Morgenstadt network at the public networking events.

Upcoming events

Here you will find information about upcoming events.

We are currently working on new concepts and events, which we will present to you here as soon as possible.

In the meantime, take a look at our past events:

Past events

In the past years, the Morgenstadt network has held a large number of events with various network partners on various topics in the field of smart city. Enclosed you will find an overview of the events, as well as the event reports. If you are interested in the event topics, please feel free to contact the listed contact persons.


at IFAT 2022


Digital Morgenstadt Conference: »Water in the Morgenstadt«


Digital events - »Morgenstadt – City of the Future«



»Urban Winters in Times of Covid-19«

The internal network meeting on November 12th, 2020 was themed »Urban Winters in Times of Covid-19«.



Panel Discussion @Venice City Solutions


»Morgenstadt – City of the Future« digital event series:


Morgenstadt Werkstatt 2020

5 to 6 March 2020: The innovation festival for future digital communities in Baden-Württemberg 


Morgenstadt Meeting - March 4, 2020



Smart Cities through Digital Participation

New formats for communication and cooperation with citizens in urban design.


Smart Cities Never Sleep

Today’s metropolises function as 24-hour economies, offering opportunities for entertainment, transportation, business and shopping from dusk till dawn.



The Future of Public Space - Morgenstadt Conference



CO₂ Neutral Smart Cities

Why do we need to talk about CO₂ Neutral Smart Cities? Because the way we, as humans, have developed our lifestyle, is having a negative impact on our Earth’s warming up.



Morgenstadt-Werkstatt 2018

Morgenstadt-Werkstatt meets Digitalakademie@bw (german website)



Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona

Please visit us at Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona




This year’s conference will focus on change processes and sustainable adaption concepts for urban spaces worldwide on their way to become »water smart«.



Morgenstadt Pitch

Interested to pitch your start-up at the largest Smart City Event in the Nordics? Morgenstadt Pitch gives you an opportunity to present your ideas in front of investors, innovators and decision makers.



Official NEE Networking Event



After 3 intense days on the Nordic Edge you are invited to the Official Networking Event.

Innovation Network: »Morgenstadt: City Insights«

Projectmeeting at July 3rd/4th/5th 2018


Morgenstadt-Werkstatt 2017

After the successful first Morgenstadt-Werkstatt in 2016, the unique event will take place again. (German)


Morgenstadt: City Insights Meeting 28th and 29th of June

Impulses, innovation workshops, crash testings and much more at the project meeting in Porto (Portugal).


Professional course on URBAN SPACE

The course covers all aspects of urban smartification incl. Smart Lighting, Nature Based Solutions & Water Infrastructure.



Urban Futures Conference 2015

Innovations, strategies and processes for the city of tomorrow. Fraunhofer’s “Urban Futures” Conference, was held in Berlin on November 25 and 26, 2015.