A network of cities, companies and research


The innovation network »Morgenstadt: City Insights« currently consists of 13 cities, 20 industrial companies, 11 Fraunhofer institutes and 6 strategic partners (as of February 2017). During the next stages of the project the network plans to include European and non-European players from industry, cities, planning offices, research institutes and other value partners.

A variety of cities


The m:ci innovation network aims to integrate municipalities of all sizes. In addition to large cities such as Buenos Aires (pop. ≈17 million), Berlin (≈3.5 million), Prague (≈1.2 million) or Lisbon (≈560,000), smaller cities such as Ludwigsburg (Germany, ≈93,000) or Bottrop (Germany, ≈117,000) as well as smaller municipalities such as Pegognaga (Italy, ≈7,200), are also important members of the network. Cities inside and outside of Europe are working together to develop solutions to create city of the future. By joining the innovation network, cities and municipalities have the opportunity to connect with their counterparts around the world. Whether it is a city of comparable size and conditions, or a city facing very different challenges under different circumstances, there are significant benefits in facilitating learning and exchange between city partners.


From the automotive sector to certification


There is also a great diversity in the companies represented in the network. From innovative Start-ups, small or medium-sized companies to global players; from the automotive industry to energy, ICT, planning and certification; are all represented within the network. Our holistic perspective on urban development requires the expertise from broad range of actors. All are welcome, and all will benefit from the network in different ways.


Support from research


To ensure access to the necessary scientific knowledge, as well as a range of tried and tested collaboration tools, the network benefits from access to eleven Fraunhofer institutes. These institutes offer research perspectives ranging from technology management, building processes, open communication systems and energy systems, to systems and innovation research.

This constellation creates the conditions for the creation of collaborative and innovative projects and solutions within this high-profile network. One of the central features of the m:ci approach is our endeavour to achieve a systemic and holistic understanding of cities across different sectors in appreciation of their complexity. To this end, the network partners contribute complementary competencies to develop strategies and coherent measures for integrated urban interventions.


We invite you to join the innovation network!

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