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Numerous opportunities for companies in the city of tomorrow


»Morgenstadt« supports companies in their strategic development and positioning within the future urban market. Numerous project ideas and opportunities for collaboration are available within the framework of the Innovation Network. In cooperation with cities, companies are offered the opportunity to develop and implement demonstration projects in collaboration with Fraunhofer researchers and industrial partners at national or international level.

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•    Through our Innovation Partnerships, we strengthen the innovation potential and economic strength of municipalities. At the same time, Morgenstadt experts closely support their partner cities with the definition of projects, the acquisition of funding and organizational development. Companies are offered the opportunity to establish and test technologies in the partner city in the medium and long term.


•    The Morgenstadt Collaboration Index is an instrument that shows investors and companies whether smart city investment in particular cities is worthwhile or deemed too risky.


•    Smart Districts represent the early crystallizations of the city of tomorrow. At the district level, networked technologies and innovative products are tested and the potential of digitization for city development is fully utilized.


•    The »Bable« market place supports companies in the placement of their technologies and tailored smart city solutions. It serves as an exchange platform for supply and demand and facilitates improved business relations between industry and cities.


•    The Morgenstadt Academy supports managers in development of knowledge and continued education in the central areas of networked and integrated urban development. In addition to "digital competence", the focus is on key technology areas and the important cross-cutting themes of urban governance, innovation management and the financing of innovation.


Numerous advantages for companies 

The Morgenstadt Initiative is aimed at all companies seeking engagement in activities linked to sustainable urban development, digitalization and innovation. Morgenstadt network members range in size from small start-ups, to traditional small and medium-sized companies and large international companies. Regardless of size, the network can offer a range of benefits for companies. The innovation network provides companies with direct access to the national and international smart city landscape through the systemic approach for creating the city of tomorrow. This includes regular collaborative and pre-competitive initiation of urban projects with the support of national and international funding. In addition, synergies and collaboration potential with other industry partners can be identified and pursued at an early stage. Finally, the network offers the unique opportunity to partake in the development of the vision for the city of tomorrow. 

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Smart districts

On district level we support the transformation towards a social, ecological, economical and connected quarter by the development of smart quarters.


Readiness Index

How can you tell, a city is worth your effort? Fraunhofer researchers have developed the Morgenstadt Readiness Index in order to support companies with their investment decisions.


Innovation partnerships

We accompany our industry partners with the acquisition of projects and funding possibilites and empower them on the smart city market.


Smart Society Academy

In 2017 there will be conducted two training programs. One for industry employees and cities and one for students.

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