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Morgenstadt solutions for the smart city of tomorrow  


The »Morgenstadt« innovation network supports cities in their pursuit to become highly innovative and resilient locations boasting a high quality of life and environmental sustainability.

Numerous solutions and tools developed by Fraunhofer researchers, tested and calibrated together with cities and partners from industry are available to help cities develop into a smart city:


•    The »Morgenstadt« City Lab supports cities in developing and design of smart city strategies, sustainability roadmaps or innovation strategies through a holistic and tailored approach. Utilizing the »Morgenstadt« Framework, key intervention areas are identified and complemented with a locally adapted solutions catalogue.

•    Through Innovation Partnerships we aim to strengthen innovation potential of municipalities. At the same time, Morgenstadt experts continuously support partner cities with the acquisition of funding and organizational development.

•    The Morgenstadt Index is an instrument that can assist urban leaders and policy makers with the holistic management of their city. Through 28 Indicators, key smart city characteristics are measured, highlighting main strengths and weaknesses.

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An innovation partnership has been developed with Buenos Aires. A strategy targeting improving the quality of life for residents is under development.
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Within the GrowSmarter project 12 smart city solutions will be implemented in a lighthouse project in the Nordwest of Cologne.

•    Smart Districts represent early crystallizations of the city of tomorrow. With innovative planning tools for the creation of networked infrastructures and technologies, we help cities to fully exploit the potential of digitalization for urban development. Holistic assessment criteria boasting a balance of social, ecological and economic factors ensure development of livable, environmentally friendly and highly functional mixed districts.

•    The Morgenstadt marketplace »Bable« supports cities in the planning and procurement of highly specified Smart City solutions in a range of different areas. It serves as an exchange platform for supply and demand and places cities at the forefront of the development of the Smart City.

•    The Smart Society Academy supports technical experts and municipal leaders in developing knowledge in the central areas of networked and integrated urban development. In addition to "digital competence", the focus is on the key technology areas and the important cross-cutting themes of urban governance, innovation management and financing.


The Morgenstadt Initiative is aimed at all cities that see an opportunity for development in digitalisation and innovation. From metropolises as large as Berlin or Buenos Aires, to cities as small as Reutlingen or Norderstedt, »Morgenstadt« will support you on your journey to become a Smart City.

The challenges faced by cities around the world cannot be solved by municipalities alone. Experienced and competent partners are indispensable if the "traditional" tasks of a city government are to be brought into line with goals such as achieving sustainability and resilience. For more and more municipalities, »Morgenstadt« has become this support network.

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City Labs

In city labs cities are being analyzed by interdisciplinary teams and an integrated roadmap for a sustainable urban development is being developed.


Innovation partnerships

Innovation partnership strengthen cities in (inter)national competition.


Morgenstadt Index

The Morgenstadt City Index supports city administration with the holistic governance of its urban development.


Smart quarters

»Morgenstadt« supports cities with their transformation of quarters into smart quarters. 


Smart Society Academy

In 2017 there will be conducted two training programs. One for industry employees and cities and one for students.

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