Project Phase II

What was done in Phase II?


Building on the results of Phase I, Phase II of the innovation network »Morgenstadt: City Insights« (M: CI) was launched in January 2014. The central aim of Phase II was to apply the framework developed in Phase I to analyse multiple cities in detail along the lines of sustainable and future-oriented development.

Based on these results, potential areas for intervention could be identified and concrete pilot projects carried out in collaboration with public and private actors. As a central objective, methodologies using an interdisciplinary approach were developed to improve the cooperation between cities and enterprises. Cities, companies and research institutions were able to collaboratively work out innovative urban solutions and position »Morgenstadt: City Insights« (M: CI) as the world's leading alliance for the analysis, planning and development of sustainable urban systems.

The three phases of the Morgenstadt initiative

This graph presents the main points of the Morgenstadt initiative. In phase II the focus lied on the implementation of sustainable urban pilot projects.

Key questions in phase II


The following questions guided the development of the project during phase II: 


1. How can companies support sustainable and future-oriented urban development through new solutions and business models? 

2. How can cities, together with new partners, establish new fields of action for pioneering urban development? 


Objectives of Phase II


Objectives guiding the development of »Morgenstadt: City Insights« during Phase II included: 


•    Creation of innovative solutions for sustainable and future-oriented urban development. 

•    Activation of the future markets of the city through systems innovation. 

•    Coordination of joint pilot projects between research, industry and municipalities. 

•    Establishment of a strong alliance between industry, research and cities. 

•    Initiation of long-term transformation processes towards the city of tomorrow with selected municipalities. 

•    Establishment of national and international reference projects. 


The overarching objective of Phase II was to develop a deeper understanding of the transformation processes taking place in selected cities and to begin to develop strategies and interventions to steer towards a sustainable and future-oriented city.

Morgenstadt City Challenge


The Morgenstadt City Challenge was launched to identify cities to which the framework from Phase I as a model for sustainable urban development could be applied. Interested cities applied for the opportunity to participate in a City Lab, an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of their urban systems in collaboration with Fraunhofer researchers.

Benefits of the City Lab include:

    An analysis of the status quo: where does the city stand in terms of sustainability, climate protection, resource conservation and quality of life?

    Identification of key areas for intervention: What are the most urgent fields of action in which the city has to take action?

    Support for the development and implementation of innovation strategies.

    Support for the development of financing sources for their sustainability projects 

    The opportunity to position itself globally as an innovative and attractive location.


The winning cities 


Prague was announced in summer 2014 as the first competition winner to host the City Lab. Chemnitz was announced in November 2014, with Lisbon and Berlin TXL announced as the third and fourth respective successful candidates in 2015. Since then, the winning cities have launched development strategies and implemented concrete, innovative projects for sustainable urban development.

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