What is Morgenstadt Innovation Network?

Never has urban development been as complex as today. Numerous internal and external factors need to be aligned to develop livable, resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities: Global trends like climate change, migration or shifts in demography increasingly need a local response. The great digital transformation changes organizations, economies and personal lives. Cities need to actively shape it.
Technological innovations help us create smarter cities – but the pace of innovation is incompatible with traditional urban development cycles.

The goal of Morgenstadt is to make cities future-proof

Our Mission at Morgenstadt is to make cities future-proof. We perceive cities as complex adaptive systems and work between cities, businesses and research to define local pathways of innovation and urban development. By linking technological innovation, urban development and social and ecological premises for sustainable and inclusive cities, Morgenstadt helps create cities that are ready for the future!



The Fraunhofer "Morgenstadt Initiative" is a network of Fraunhofer Institutes, local authorities and companies. It was founded in 2012 by Fraunhofer IAO.


Innovation areas

The Morgenstadt Initiative is based on the belief that the key to the great challenges of our time lies in the transformation of our cities.



Together with its network partners, the Morgenstadt Initiative implements projects in various formats that aim to pilot clean and networked urban solutions for the city of tomorrow.



All members and strategic partners of the Morgenstadt network are invited to gain insights into the latest developments in sustainable urban development.

Let's design the future of public spaces together!


Autonomous and shared mobility can act as an important lever for greater sustainability and quality of life and also open up new opportunities for alternative land use in the highly competitive public space.

Urban Design

What will our cities look like in the future? The Morgenstadt Initiative explores the challenges confronting urban planners as a result of rapid urban change.

Data & Digitalisation

Digitalisation and new technologies are changing the public sphere. What influence do they have on decision-making processes and on the behaviour of citizens?

Smart Governance

Smart cities need innovative management approaches. What solutions are there for the increasingly complex cities of the future?

Urban Supply Systems

The cities of tomorrow have increasingly complex supply systems in the areas of logistics, water and energy. What are the most innovative and sustainable approaches to designing these systems?

Contact persons


Steffen Braun

Network Coordinator Morgenstadt



Rebecca Nell

Research Coordinator Morgenstadt



Petr Suska

Head of Team Urban Economy Innovation