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Registration to the Smart Society Professional Course US: Urban Space is now open until October 15th and will kick-off in November 2017 (register here).


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The course covers the SMARTICIFACTION of all aspects of URBAN SPACE incl. Smart Lighting, Public Sensoring, Nature Based Solutions & Smart Water Infrastructure. 

It aims to provide experts from relevant industries and public sector professionals from the planning, energy and all other departments working in the public urban space with practical insights and tools for your daily work.


Content: a combination of social, environmental, economic and technological insights


The 6 month course provides participants with insights on both cross-sectional topics, such as social inclusion, environmental benefits and economic opportunities of Smart Cities, as well as covering in-depth insight in the relevant technological areas:

•    Cross-sectional topics: covering an introduction to the smart city concept, current trends and developments, a general technology review, citizen engagement processes, financing the smart city and innovative and traditional procurement.

•    Specific technological insights: focusing on a particular smart city technology, the application areas, status quo and developments, main players and case studies. 


Structure: combination of on-site and distance learning


The course contains three 3-day sessions for practical hands on experience and learning accompanied by an array of distance learning modules. In on-site sessions the participants are invited to a city/location that has unique experience in the realization and application of technologies in URBAN SPACE. The experience is however not limited to visiting the sites but rather focusses on hands-on experiencing the technologies. You will for example use different types of sensors and apply them in existing living labs, get to know the algorithms and standards behind urban sensoring, design concepts for your personal applications using Nature Based Solutions and quantify the impact of external factors on Smart Water Infrastructure. In addition creative sessions will help you to develop new insights and practical guidelines together with the other participants from the public and private sector.


Topics of the on-site visits:

  • •    On Site visit 1 (November 2017): Smart Lighting (location: Strijp-S Eindhoven)

  • •    On-Site visit 2 (February 2018): Public Sensoring and Smart Water Infrastructure

  • •    On-Site visit 3 (May 2018): Public Sensoring and Nature Based Solutions


Material that you can review at home


To maximize the efficiency of the course, all modules that do not require participants to be at the same site have been developed as distance learning modules. Content such as current developments and best practices in the field of URBAN SPACE, theory of applied problem solving, citizen engagement, the impact of augmented reality, innovative procurement procedures, financing and the general Smart City concept are taught in a combination of webinars and several distance learning tools.


Location of first on-site: EU Lighthouse City Eindhoven


The first of the three on-site visits with a focus of practical hands-on learning will take place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in November 2017.

The City-of-Lights Eindhoven in its Lighthouse district Strijp-S is leading in the development and application of Smart Lighting Solutions. The neighbouring city of Helmond is planning to realize the smartest district in the world until 2022. The Brainport Region was named smartest region of the world in 2012.


Participation Fee:       8000 Eur* incl. accomodation                                    
                                7200 Eur* excl. accomodation 

*The participation fee includes course material and web-learning, as well as meals, public transport, site visits and activities on-site.  


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Register for the professional course on URBAN SPACE

The course covers all aspects of urban smartification incl. Smart Lighting, Nature Based Solutions & Water Infrastructure.