Kick-off meeting »Straße der Zukunft«

The project »Straße der Zukunft» officially started in April 2019. After preparing and initiating the project within the framework of the network »Morgenstadt: City Insights«, it started in April 2019 thanks to the approval of Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The interdisciplinary consortium met up at the project coordinator at Fraunhofer IAO for the first time. Besides necessary organization and ideas for project management, first thoughts for transforming the working packages were addressed.

As an introduction, trends and developments in mobility were presented and discussed. At the end of the day, all partners got to know each other well and complied a rough road map for the next three years. After an effortful day, the joy about the project and the next innovative and successful three years outweighed.

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Strasse der Zukunft