Municipal input session series from SMARTilience

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As part of the SMARTilience research project, a six-part digital input session series for municipal climate actors was launched in July 2020. In the coming months, various communal relevant topics concerning climate protection and adaptation will be presented, thus offering a networking format that enables a topic-led exchange and networking among each other.
In addition, the specific needs of the participating municipalities will be identified, included and incorporated in the further course of the peer to peer process. The December format is fed by one or two desired topics, which the municipalities may determine.
The approximately one and a half to two-hour input sessions include:

  • State of research on the respective priority topic
  • Presentation of further information material
  • Report of practical experiences by colleagues from German municipalities
  • Space for exchange between the municipalities

On the 6th of July 2020 the first input session on how to deal with heat events in German cities took place.

How can German cities deal with the increasing heat waves? Who belongs to the heat-related vulnerable groups and how can they be reached? How can aspects of civil protection and scenario techniques help to develop a heat action plan? And what exactly should be the components of a heat action plan?
The main target group included municipalities and their employees from the fields of health, cli-mate protection and sustainability. But other areas such as science were also represented. In addi-tion to the City of Mannheim, the cities of Erfurt and Leipzig as well as Dresden reported on their activities and heat action plans to date.

On the 27th of July the input session on "Reallabor Opportunities and Risks" follows.

On 15th of September there will be an input session on "Climate-related health research and pandemic".

On 26th of October there will be the session concerning “thinking together climate mitigation and adaptation- opportunities and risks”

On 19th of November the session on "Spatial data use in German cities" will take place.

On December 03rd we will have a last "wish" session on the input needs.

You can register at Rebecca Nell or Natalie Pfau-Weller.

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