Innovation partnership Buenos Aires

© Henrik Dolle

Start of the cooperation


Within the Innovation Network Morgenstadt: City Insights, the Fraunhofer–Society and the City of Buenos Aires, together with UBATEC and the Province of Buenos Aires have launched an Innovation Partnership to maximize a sustainable development of Buenos Aires based on innovations and cross-sectoral action planning.


Buenos Aires Strategy 2030

The Fraunhofer team is going to support Buenos Aires with its Buenos Aires Strategy 2030 (see picture).

© City of Buenos Aires

Six goals for improved livability


Initiated through a joint workshop in March 2016 and deepened in further ongoing discussions, six ideas for potential innovation projects have been identified. All of these have the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable and liveable City of Buenos Aires. They shall be brought towards implementation within a collective effort of Fraunhofer and the City of Buenos Aires. The purpose of this document is to show the state of development of the six project ideas and to keep track of the development process.



•    Buffer zones for repairing river banks of the Matanza river

•    Solid waste management in public buildings and facilities

•    Program for saving drinking water and responsible water use in the city

•    Restructuring program for metropolitan public transport transfer points

•    Smart grids and smart meters 

•    Bio refinery at the central market of Buenos Aires!



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The Dutch city has been part of the Morgenstadt network since the Triangulum project.