Work Program 2020/21

With the 2020/21 work program, we aim to set key parameters for the market rollout of clean and connected urban solutions in Germany and across the globe. Pointing out ways in which these can be broadly disseminated from individual pilot projects. In doing so, we are placing a clear focus on solutions and processes that actively support the two priority objectives - climate protection and climate adaptation by municipalities. On the one hand, we focus on concrete urban solutions that result from the interplay of technology, infrastructure and users. On the other hand, we create - together with our partners from municipalities and industry - systemic requirements for the successful implementation and operation of sustainable urban technologies. The link between applied research and strategic business development is the key to achieving this goal. For this reason, the 2020/21 work program focuses on a combination of technological innovation and the creation of enabling conditions to spread sustainable urban development. The basis of the Morgenstadt Initiative is the network management.

From 2020, it will also build on the following three pillars:

  • Market design
  • Collaborative Research and Development
  • Global scalability and international knowledge and technology transfer

The Morgenstadt Work Program 2020 - 2021

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