Innovation Network: »Morgenstadt: City Insights« 28th and 29th of June

Impulses, innovation workshops, crash testings and much more at the second project meeting of the year in Porto (Portugal). Get a closer look about the two day Event:

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Finance in the smart city conference

Two days of „Finance in the smart city“ at IAO with many British and German smart city experts, representatives of municipalities, financial service providers as well as a wide range of company representatives.

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Indo-German Smart City Solutions Workshop

More than 50 decision makers from nearly 30 smart cities participated in the Smart city solutions workshop to draw out concrete ideas for improving infrastructure and services in India.

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Further News


Smart city seminars in 2017!

The Smart Society Academy is an educational umbrella for smart city related training on all levels of operation.


What is the future of autonomous driving?

Claudius Schaufler is currently working on a study on the influence of autonomous driving on our cities. Read the entire interview here.


Improved charging infrastructure for electric cars through SLAM

Denis Horn is a researcher, currently working in a project, called SLAM, that builds up to 400 AC and DC rapid charging columns.


Latest News

Get the latest news about Morgenstadt and stay informed about the developement of the city of the future.

How do we want to live and work in the city of tomorrow?

11 different Fraunhofer institutes, 14 cities of varying sizes and 22 companies engaged in activities from automotive development to urban planning have come together to create the innovation network »Morgenstadt: City Insights« in order to collaboratively conceptualize and realize the future of an integrated, sustainable, liveable and resilient city of tomorrow. 

Does the city grapple with congestion problems? Or face significant flood risk? Is the city struggling to deal with housing due to a growing population? Or is the challenge encouraging people not to leave the city? How can participation be conducted effectively? How can cities improve the quality of life for its citizens and the sustainability of its urban systems? And how will addressing these challenges change in the context of powerful trends such as demographic change, digitization, globalization and climate change?

These are just some of the many challenges faced by cities around the world, often in the context of declining access to municipal funds. The “Smart City” has been embraced as a potentially effective mechanism to address many of these challenges. This re-thinking of urban development through the integration of urban systems, which has been enabled through the significant technical advancements of recent decades, presents itself significant challenges but also significant opportunities.

The objective of Morgenstadt is to help cities best utilize and help define this transformation process with the aim of creating more sustainable, liveable cities. Taking a holistic perspective on urban challenges, we aim to collaboratively develop solutions for urban problems, facilitating new partnerships and connecting all relevant stakeholders at an early stage. 

Cities and companies within the innovation network enjoy the following benefits: 


•    We identify the innovation potential in cities

•    We develop collaborative projects based on synergies within our partners

•    We build on urban laboratories to test urban solutions on both municipal and district levels

•    We develop a strong brand for our partners 


Become part of this top-class network! 

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