City Readiness Index

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Minimizing risks for investments in smart cities


How can you tell whether a city is truly worth investing in? The Morgenstadt Readiness Index helps you to get a quick and scientifically backed assessment of any city’s readiness for your investments in innovation projects.

The Index is able to provide an overview of any city’s current demand from a developmental, political and planning perspective. The Morgenstadt Readiness Index is rooted within the Morgenstadt model based on the expertise and experience of a qualified team of Fraunhofer professionals.


How does it work?

The Morgenstadt Readiness Index analyses the risks for project investors. Using this tool, it is possible to carry out a scientific-knowledge based risk assessment when choosing a project location.

The instrument works by combining a set of scientific indicators (such as the number of installed smart meters or the age of the existing public lighting infrastructure) with qualitative action fields that assess the political stability and innovation management potential in the city, highlighting the space for business and service development. 75% of the information is gained through desktop research and 25% is collected through direct interaction with the city administration. By applying this tool you will be able to:


•    Highlight smart city priorities in the city (e.g. energy, mobility, security, data management etc.)

•    Better estimate benefits of collaboration to support decision-making


Our offer to potential partners


•    Identification of the potential market range for planned technologies in a given location

•    Direct insight into the future market in the city and its specific framework conditions

•    Connect with key stakeholders  and  solution providers

•    Support during the development of new business and service models


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