Bable - Morgenstadt Marketplace

One platform to connect cities and companies


BABLE is a digital marketplace for Smart Cities. It has been created as service and replication platform under the Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse Projects Cooperation Manifesto. BABLE has been designed to accelerate and facilitate investments into successful smart city solutions across Europe. 


    •    It supports cities in procuring smart city solutions and planning smart city projects

    •    It provides a platform for companies to sell their own products and solutions to smart cities

    •    It helps cities and companies to solve urban challenges through innovation


BABLE is designed as a Spin-off company of Fraunhofer. It is be linked to the EIP SCC marketplace and the Smart City Information System SCIS.

BABLE was launched in Porto at the Morgenstadt meeting in June 2017.

How does it work?


BABLE works as a cloud platform that enables collaboration between companies and cities. It is a marketplace that connects profiles of cities and companies across all areas of Smart City development.

BABLE functions


BABLE provides several functions and services that help spur replication of smart solutions, investment and project development: 


    •    Individual curation of solutions for cities, municipal companies and developers 

    •    Smart City Store for companies to showcase their own products and services 

    •    Innovation procurement and technical dialogues on city challenges and potential solutions 

    •    Tender screening and pro-active bidding 

    •    Aggregation of demand: pooling of smart city projects and cross-city tenders 

    •    Framework contracts for suppliers 

    •    News feed and direct communication with all market actors 

    •    Etc.

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Solutions for cities

»Morgenstadt« supports cities with their development towards a higher life quality, resilience, environmental justice and innovation capacity.


Solutions for companies

»Morgenstadt« offers companies diverse possibilites to participate at the sustainable development of cities.


Smart Society Academy

In 2017 there will be conducted two training programs. One for industry employees and cities and one for students.