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Smart city seminars in 2018!


The concept of Smart Cities is increasingly at the centre of the approach towards sustainable and innovation-driven urban development. Smart Cities promise to solve social and environmental problems by at the same time fostering economic growth and resilience. Concepts and technologies for planning and realizing sustainable urban systems not only offer solutions to the many challenges of an urbanizing world, they also bear the potential to unlock significant future markets. Yet most cities are struggling with the process of transformation and businesses have so far not been able to harness the full potential of the sustainable city as a future market. To create smart cities, new ways of dealing with innovations in our everyday life in cities are needed. We need Smart Societies to create smart and sustainable cities.

The Smart Society Academy is an educational umbrella for smart city related training on all levels of operation. It is a direct result from the work within the Dutch-German partnership triggered by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on April 7th on the Hightech Campus in Eindhoven and is powered by the Morgenstadt Community.


The academy will launch two different schooling programs in 2017 and 2018:


  1. The Smart Society Summer School, which begins in August 2017 and is directed at experienced university students in the area of smart and sustainable cities.
  2. The Smart Society Professional Academy, which starts in May 2018 for stakeholders from industry and local communities from all over Europe.

The Professional Academy:


The Smart Society Professional Academy serves to build capacity for accelerating the sustainable development of cities based on smart solutions and smart processes.

  • Smart solutions are integrated socio-technical systems that link clean technologies through data and that integrate users and individual behaviour in form of a wider service and business model.
  • Smart processes are a sequence of connected activities of multiple actors across institutions that achieve to deliver an urban service in the most efficient and sustainable manner.


A unique portfolio tailored for the needs of professionals


The Smart Society Academy provides future smart city professionals from the public and the private sector with applicable knowledge and tools to design, plan, finance, build and operate innovative solutions for smart cities. Based on cutting-edge learning methodologies it combines cloud-based learning with hands-on experience and a maximum degree of interaction to transmit practicable and actionable knowledge and expertise. The large Fraunhofer network of Smart Cities and leading experts in all areas of smart urban development serves to embed the learnings within real-world projects.

The Smart Society Academy provides training and learning for specialists and executives in the private and public sector. It is directed at three key user groups:

a) technical and executive personnel in city administrations and municipalities

b) managers and business developers in private sector companies

c) specialists and executives in municipal companies (housing, transport, energy, waste etc.) 


Public and private sector learn jointly


Mixed groups, a high degree of on-site interaction and blended learning facilitated by leading European Experts in the area of smart cities represent the core of the approach towards building a smart society for an innovation-driven urban development in Europe.

Through this approach participants will learn how to facilitate collaboration and investments for innovative urban solutions, how to organize collaboration with the private sector and how to spur a maximum uptake of data-driven and ICT-based solutions to deliver urban services in an efficient way.”


The Topics


The 6 month course provides participants with insights on both cross-sectional topics, such as social inclusion, environmental benefits and economic opportunities of Smart Cities, as well as covering in-depth insight in the relevant technological areas:

Cross-sectional topics: covering an introduction to the smart city concept, current trends and developments, a general technology review, citizen engagement processes, financing the smart city and innovative and traditional procurement.

Specific technological insights: focusing on a particular smart city technology, the application areas, status quo and developments, main players and case studies. 

After completion of the course, participants will be able to take the certification examination „Certified Smart City Manager“ accoding to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. The examination will be supervised and executed by the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority.


The courses being offered in 2018 are the following:




Focus areas: Smart Lighting, Public Sensoring and Monitoring, Nature-based Solutions, Crowd Control, Smart Water Infrastructure, Mixed Use Concepts in Public Space




Focus Area: Smart and Sustainable Mobility, Digitalization and Mobility Services, Driveline Technologies, Autonomous Driving in the urban context, new forms of Public Transport, Sustainable Urban Logistics

Structure of the Professional Academy

Each course is taught by a huge variety of different experts from several institutions in the private and public sector including partners from the Morgenstadt Community.

Structure: combination of on-site and distance learning


The course contains three 3-day sessions for practical hands-on experience and learning accompanied by an array of distance learning modules. In on-site sessions the participants are invited to a city/location that has unique experience in the realization and application of technologies in URBAN SPACE or URBAN MOVEMENT. The experience is however not limited to visiting the sites but rather focusses on hands-on experiencing the technologies. You will for example use different types of sensors and apply them in existing living labs, get to know the algorithms and standards behind urban sensoring, design concepts for your personal applications using Nature-based Solutions and quantify the impact of external factors on Smart Water Infrastructure. In addition creative sessions will help you to develop new insights and practical guidelines together with the other participants from the public and private sector. 


Material that you can review at home


To maximize the efficiency of the course, all modules that do not require participants to be at the same site have been developed as distance learning modules. Content such as current developments and best practices in the field of URBAN SPACE or URBAN MOVEMENT, theory of applied problem solving, citizen engagement, the impact of augmented reality, innovative procurement procedures, financing and the general Smart City concept are taught in a combination of webinars and several distance learning tools.


Dates and Fees 


Launch of the official website End of January 2018

Opening of the registration (Urban Space & Urban Movement) in February 2018

Starting date for the courses Urban Space & Urban Movement in May 2018

Participation Fees: 8000 Eur* incl. accomodation / 7200 Eur* excl. accomodation 

*The participation fee includes course material, web-learning, participation in the certification exam, as well as meals, public transport, site visits and activities on-site.  


For any questions, please contact

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