Developing solutions with various actors


Urban leaders are turning to technology and innovation to solve the multiple challenges faced by cities today. These developments represent significant future markets for technology developments. However, early smart city developments have demonstrated the limits to standardized, large scale, solely technological interventions. Cities demand tailored, holistic, systemic solutions that integrate multiple actors and are nested in the urban system in a way that reflects the complexity of the problem in question. Additionally, the solutions need to be complemented by corresponding service and business models in the context of limited access to public funding.

Through the cooperation of research, industry and cities, the m:ci Network is working to develop systems solutions under these complex conditions. The different innovative and sustainable products and services offered by Morgenstadt partners are integrated into holistic urban development projects, which can be analysed evaluated and in turn piloted. 

The cooperation of numerous actors are necessary to facilitate a transformation process. The interdisciplinary interplay is exemplified in the following graphic.


Holistic approach for urban innovations

The importance of integration for the transformation process: Through the networked approach of the Morgenstadt Initiative, we are able to work together with all stakeholders to develop effective solutions.

To whom should Morgenstadt and its solutions appeal?


The "Morgenstadt" innovation network supports cities in their ambitions of achieving a higher quality of life, improved resilience and environmental sustainabilty.

In addition, the innovation network supports companies to apply their innovative technologies in cities and to integrate their technical expertise in smart city projects.

Research institutes contribute scientific expertise and can implement their knowledge through applied research projects on city or district level together with the relevant actors. In turn, significant contributions can be conducted in the area of sustainable urban development.

Through the innovation network, investors can identify the potential for financial investments in promising projects and develop innovative business models.

Political institutions, such as ministries, are provided with the concrete needs of cities and enterprises, and can deliberately target future projects accordingly.


What sort of solutions?


Numerous solutions and tools are available to help cities, businesses, investors and political institutions develop their city smarter.

Under "solutions for cities" and "solutions for companies" respective solutions can be found. Additionally, the three products Smart Districts, Bable and the Smart Society Academy will appeal to all stakeholders.

Further information for download

Morgenstadt collaboration index


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Solutions for cities

»Morgenstadt« supports cities with their development towards a higher life quality, resilience, environmental justice and innovation capacity.


Solutions for companies

»Morgenstadt« offers companies diverse possibilites to participate at the sustainable development of cities.