The value of urban data

About the value and necessity of urban data.

Urbanization is currently undergoing a fundamental digital transformation that extends to all areas of sustainable urban development.  Whether urban mobility, energy efficiency or urban environmental protection, all sectors generate data in different ways. They are not only produced by different methods, but also by different organizations. Not only municipalities own a lot of data, but also companies, citizens and research institutions.

However, topics such as data collection, data collection and data storage are currently being handled with kid gloves by municipal companies and the municipalities themselves, if data is used at all.

The lack of a legal framework, the importance of data protection, and the access to and use of urban databases are still the main barriers. The big question, however, which is reflected separately in all these central barriers, is what use and value all this data has for municipalities and districts? And how can it be used for the benefit of the general public?