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Numerous tools for the systematic analysis of cities


The Morgenstadt Initiative was launched in 2011 and is currently undergoing Phase III. Through Phase I (2012-2013) the network was able to gather an understanding of urban systems in today’s leading cities. Phase II focused on project development and implementation of pilot projects in partner cities. In the on-going Phase III the Innovation Network aims to develop a market for sustainable, smart cities. Throughout the process, the Fraunhofer team has developed helpful tools for analysing current urban conditions. The tools have been developed within real-life development projects and are intended for an in-depth analysis of a city. The tools enable comparison between cities, and based on the results obtained, can be used for the development of tailor-made solutions together with the involved actors.

Several tools have already been applied in real cases such as Morgenstadt Model within the City Labs or the Morgenstadt City Index for analyzing 30 German cities, with further applications planned for Phase III.


© Ludmilla Parsyak
© Ludmilla Parsyak

Why do we need these tools?


All tools are based on scientifically sound and reliable indicators - thus are scientifically valid. However, on the other hand, it is important for us to develop tools that are also easy to understand and that the essential information can be seen even at a glance.

With this constantly growing toolbox, we are well equipped for each of our projects and can rely on our tried and tested methods and tools. This is how dynamic research looks like! For instance, by using the Morgenstadt City Index, the city administration can easily compare their city with others and check the need for further improvements. Or companies and investors can use the Morgenstadt Collaboration Index to estimate the investment potential of a city. 

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The Morgenstadt index supports city administration in the management of the urban development.