Innovation partnership Eindhoven

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Start of cooperation


Eindhoven is one of the three lighthouse cities within the Triangulum project. The city represents the center of the "Brainport Region", today one of the three top economic engines of The Netherlands, delivering about 14% of the national GDP. The Dutch consortium consists of five partners: VolkerWessels, Woonbedrijf, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, KPN and the Municipality of Eindhoven.

In Eindhoven, two districts will be transformed into sustainable living environments during the course of the project. The former Philips industrial complex in the "Strijp-S" neighbourhood will become a creative smart district. An innovative concept to clean up contaminated land will double as a means of producing energy. A district-wide ICT solution will allow residents to access different kinds of infrastructure, such as booking electric vehicles from a district car sharing scheme or using smart parking concepts. In this way, the IT-based tool will help residents to develop sustainable patterns of energy and mobility behaviour.


Why partake in an innovation partnership?


The research network of the Fraunhofer initiative »Morgenstadt: City Insights« offers the opportunity to work together with cities, municipalities and businesses to make an active contribution to a CO2-neutral, climate-adapted and viable city of the future. The overarching idea: innovative and sustainable technologies utilzed effectively have the potential to achieve this.

Brainport smart city think-tank


The city is devloping a think-tank, as a cross-disciplinary association of key stakeholders with members to share insights into digital solutions, urban mobility, energy, infrastructure, finance, real estate and urban development in order to use the technology as efficiently as possible. The think-tank will focus on the most important measures to provide concrete recommendations and subsequent solutions to urban challenges. 

Fraunhofer IAO is dedicated to co-develop, co-ordinate and manage the think tank in close collaboration with the local business community and the city hall. As coordinator and lead partner of the German Morgenstadt Initiative, Fraunhofer is well suited to support this important innovation project for Eindhoven.


Main goals:


  1. Facilitate joint "Smart City" projects between companies, research institutions and municipal/public institutions
  2. Support the development goals of Eindhoven by transferring them into innovative city development projects

  3. Support local economic development through facilitating innovation and attracting investment

  4. Attract private and public funding from national or EU levels to Eindhoven

  5. Organise events (workshops, conferences) with strong focus on a variety of Smart City topics


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