Innovation partnerships

Morgenstadt innovation partnerships help you to overcome urban difficulties

© Ludmilla Parsyak
Partners in the Morgenstadt Werkstatt in September 2016

What is an Innovation Partnership?


As local communities are exposed to a number of global trends, such as demographic change, digitalization and climate change, they must find solutions to these global challenges.

Within the Morgenstadt Innovation Partnerships experienced Morgenstadt-Experts will advise the partner cities for several years.  The development projects will be defined together and the Fraunhofer-Research will support the acquisition of funds as well as establishment and management of the local innovation-ecosystem. This is to ensure that the ecosystem in your city remains permanently competitive and innovative.

Obviously, such an Innovation Partnership requires time and money. However, this way the challenges can be transformed into strengths and your city can become a frontrunner in life quality, sustainability and smart city development.


What happens during an Innovation partnership?


First, an innovation partnership with bilateral goals will be signed between the city and the Fraunhofer Institute. After a one-week "deep-dive" site visit, the Fraunhofer team and the city representatives together establish a target catalogue for the Innovation Partnership. This catalogue includes variety of measures with different priorities.

Next, the Fraunhofer team, using the expertise of the innovation network, will support the implementation of these measures into concrete projects.


Current Innovation Partnerships


Current Innovation Partnerships-cities include Dublin (IR), Leipzig, Prague (CZ), Chemnitz (DE), Eindhoven (NL), Ludwigsburg, Berlin und Buenos Aires (ARG).


This may be of interest to you:



The Dutch city has been part of the Morgenstadt network since the Triangulum project.


Buenos Aires

The partnership with the Argentinean capital is still relatively new.