Future City Innovation Programme

Smart City Innovation

The Future City Innovation Program is a collaborative research and innovation program:
It aims to initiate cross-actor and cross-organizational transfer of knowledge to minimize friction between companies and cities, to rethink or develop solutions and processes, overcoming the hurdles to investment and innovation processes in the smart city market.


What is the status quo in the areas of energy, mobility, governance and data? In which areas does the city in question perform well, and where is there innovation and investment potential?
So far, what factors have kept the city in question from becoming active in these areas, and what specific measures are needed to be active?


How does a company need to "rethink" solutions and processes, or "reinvent" them to address the specific needs and constraints of cities? What cooperation and innovation hurdles should be understood, considered and overcome by innovation in order to succeed in the complex market environment of "Smart Cities"?

Applied Research

With regard to which aspects should the status quo of cities and companies be examined? How can we develop proven analysis tools and solutions to optimize them for the specific knowledge, information and innovation needs of cities and companies?


The Future City Innovation Program consists of four phases:

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