Smart Districts

The Morgenstadt initiative is not only about the city in general, but also about the neighborhood level. Based on ergonomic methods develops Fraunhofer IAO together with the research partners practical scenarios, concepts and methods that meet the requirements for a sustainable design of city districts and properties. The research is focusing on improving future viability, resource efficiency, housing comfort, well-being, sustainability, adaptability and innovation. Based on this specific paths for the further development of existing strategies and business models for the lifecycle of neighborhoods in the city of tomorrow will be found.

Linked sectors in integrated neighborhood infrastructure


As shown in the picture above, integrated smart quarters infrastructure concepts can also be used for a district in general. Mobility and logistics are linked to the intelligent urban space and intelligent parking space. Micro Smart Grids provide energy for smart buildings, etc.

In addition, the innovative neighborhood infrastructure and services (for all process phases from planning to realization and implementation) regarding the technology requirements (individual technologies and application bundles), the process model and the operator model must be analyzed and planned.


European district projects


There were in the past and are currently various European projects on the neighborhood level, such as Triangulum or Smart urban services, within the framework of the Morgenstadt Initiative.


German district projects


In Germany a large number of reference projects have already been carried out or is currently being implemented. One of the examples is the Rheinquartier Oberlahnstein. In the frames of it an actor-based management concept and the resulting infrastructural and urban development requirements for the conception and planning of a city quarter were developed.


Reference projects


  • Urban Retail Hybrid 3.0: Building an innovative and location-independent concept for hybrid commercial real estates in the urban area with a focus on positive effects for the urban environment, e.g. energy, mobility, resources, economy
  • Innovationsquartier IQ: Development of a prototypical innovation concept for social innovation along with alternative measures for sustainable and efficient neighborhood operation.
  • Innovationszirkel Morgenstadt-Heilbronn: Moderation of an innovation process to identify needs-driven innovations for the launching of the Federal Garden Show (+ model district) 2019

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