CO₂ Neutral Smart Cities - Leipzig 2019


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Let‘s shape a CO₂ neutral FUTURE together


Traditional and electric bikes are among the most low-emissions modes of transport, manual or motorized, that exist today

– and come with hefty co-benefits in terms of health and reduced traffic congestion.

How can we make bikes the most popular means of transport?


As of 2016, there was 235 billion square metres of building space globally, which is more or less expected to double by 2050.

Energy use per square metre is reducing by about 1.5% each year, but this is offset by an increase in floor area of 2.3% per year.

What happens with the 0.8% difference?


A 50% cut in global carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation by 2030 could become a reality

– if the current exponential trajectories of wind and solar installation continue.

What can we do, to ensure its continuation?


Sweden’s Climate Policy Council, together with the energy company Vattenfall, has launched Sweden’s Climate Dashboard.

It will be a public website where the transition to a fossil-free Sweden can be tracked across a large set of sectors and indicators.

When will other countries follow suit?

Why do we need to talk about CO₂ Neutral Smart Cities?

Because the way we, as humans, have developed our lifestyle, is having a negative impact on our Earth’s warming up:

Currently, we find ourselves at a temperature increase of about 0.17 °C per decade. Although almost all nation states have committed to limiting global warming to below 1.5°C, all currently planned Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) taken together, will not limit global warming to below 3°C or even 4°C.*

With the nation states failing, it is time for cities and corporations to step-up and take the lead into a carbon free future. There are great strategies, technical solutions and policies readily available to transition to carbon neutral and fossil fuel free cities.

This Morgenstadt / Future Cities conference will explore appropriate pathways for transition, show solutions at hand and discuss the questions that are still unsolved.

Join us on our journey into a carbon free urban future!

Be part of the change!

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You can submit your research or best practice in neutralizing CO2 emissions in: Mobility, Buildings, Data and Energy.

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