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What is behind Morgenstadt?


In the Morgenstadt initiative, the Fraunhofer Society is developing solutions for the city of the future together with partners from industry and municipalities.

Cities are the future of humanity. Today, more than half of the world’s population live in cities. In the persuit of security, prosperity, education and/or a comfortable urban lifestyle, more and more people are moving to cities. Cities strive to cater for this influx while improving the quality of live for their citizens, avoiding social division and ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources. Thus, the areas of waste management, energy, governance, mobility and water supply all need to be considered when steering towards the sustainable, smart city of the future.


Nine sectors that make up a sustainable urban development process

The Fraunhofer Society researchers have identified nine sectors that are crucial for a sustainable urban development process.


1.    Mobility

2.    Buildings

3.    Water supply

4.    Governance

5.    Energy

6.    Finance

7.    Information and Communication Technologies

8.    Logistics 

9.    Resilience


Our goals


As part of the "Morgenstadt Network", research, industry and municipalities are working together to identify and develop new markets and development potential within urban systems. Additionally, the network works to identify impending technological development and potential disruptive transformations for the city of tomorrow, while designing new product systems and their corresponding business models.


Innovative and sustainable products and services of the Morgenstadt partners are integrated into holistic urban development projects. In doing so, the municipalities involved have the opportunity to carry out pilot projects for the demonstration of new ideas and, accompanied by our researchers, to discover solutions for urban challenges on the way to a sustainable city.


• New ideas for urban system solutions are jointly developed, analyzed and piloted, as cities benefit from the know-how from the network.


© Ludmilla Parsyak
City model at the Morgenstadt workshop in September 2016

Benefits for members


 Access to a high-profile network and knowledge exchange platform related to new technologies and applicable solutions in the area of ​​sustainable urban development, that provides insider knowledge about smart and sustainable city landscape, valuable for companies, cities and research institutions.

 National and international visibility and placement of your brand under the well-known Morgenstadt name

 Implementation of pilot/demonstration projects - the opportunity for your city to explore innovative technologies to achieve urban objectives and for your company to contribute with its products, and to play an active part in the development of sustainable and smart cities

 Access to private and public sector funding

Whether you are a small city, big city, or mega city, all cities are welcome. Likewise, start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies are all invited to join the innovation network to contribute with their expertise.

If you would like to become a member of our innovation network or request further information about "Morgenstadt", our team is at your disposal for any questions and suggestions.


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